The DE WINTER PRODUCTIONS technology consists in customizing your web pages by integrating a real person online talking face to face to your Internet users and interacts with them. This real interactive person appears in video directly on the computer screen of your visitors: it is transparently present on the site on top of our page without being enclosed in a video player.

The home page formula

As soon as the user gets connected to our Home page, an interactive web presenter comes and addresses him eye to eye , talks about your featured products, about your sign, resents the sections of your site, he leads him to your online catalogue or simply creates an amusing animation to catch him.

The presentation of a product or a service

Say good bye to the tedious notices which so often exasperate the consumers. Opt for a demonstration of your product thanks to the insertion on your web page of the interactive web presenter DE WINTER PRODUCTIONS!

Communicate on your events

You organize an event: whether promotions for an e-commerce site or a cultural manifestation, the interactive web animator will present your events in an exciting way for your visitors

The online catalogue: guided visit

An interactive web seller to guide and to advise in the act of purchase by making use of persuasion. He presents and boasts the quality of your products or services.

The thanking formula

Your user has become a client. He has filled in his basket and has transmitted to you his credit card number. Why neglecting this phase? Imagine that the interactive web presenter appears at the end of the transaction in order to thank him and tells him what will happen to him. Let him confidently log out! Nothing is more efficient to treat the customer relationship. And a satisfied client, is a client that can retain.

The transaction formula

How many internet users begin to fill in their basket and do not finish the transaction? Who is benefiting ? your competitors ! why do they restart? They are undecided, they think that they still have time, they have no confidence, they have never bought from you etc... it is thus the good moment to give him a push and trigger the act of purchase! It’s essential for your success to accompany your internet users throughout the purchase process! Imagine when selecting their products, the interactive web presenter apperas of the screen of your visitor to conclude the purchase act thanks to a convincing message: you " you take it by the hand" and you put him in confidence.


  • Boost your sales inspiring confidence in your visitors
  • Have more notoriety and visibility
  • Retain your clients
  • Retain your clients
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Give a valorizing and innovative image to your site
  • Create an immediate competitive advantage