And what if you could offer to your company a commercial commercial Able to canvass thousands companies  per day ?

Would you like to have a commercial able to canvass thousands of companies per day, who works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and you pilot in some clicks from your computer?
It is precisely, what we have to propose you! Until now you know the classical seller, who come to our office to provide you with his services. Now, there is the virtual seller able to magically land on the site of your prospects to canvass with one click.

This seller is incredibly powerful and efficient, it may transform your life of entrepreneur or of trader and yet its use is simple and accessible..
You have a unique opportunity to win months of progression of your company online, consequently, o generate more important revenues, much faster. All this from your desktop...
This king of prospection is called VIRTUAL SELLER, until now, it is the best solution to marketing through e-mail, and win new clients very quickly.

How does that work?

Presentateur video pour site,Agence video,Dewinter Production

1. We create your virtual seller in video

Firstly, we must create a personalized video clip to the image of your company. Our technical team will take care of the realization of the shooting of the video clip in our studio.

2. Your virtual seller is combined to the sending platform

Once the video is finished, our webmaster will have to associate your virtual seller to a html link (connected to your site) then to the e-mailing platform so that you could make your virtual seller come in full transparency above the contents of the internet site of your potential clients.

3. Your seller is ready to canvass

You design an e-mail (Or our marketing services help in the design) which must contain a catching, humorous text, which should encourage the recipients to click on the html link which leads them to their own site, where your virtual seller in video is waiting for them.

4. Sending of your virtual seller on the site of your prospects

Thanks to our e-mailing platform, you can make your virtual seller land on several thousand internet sites simultaneously so that he could deliver the message in video to your prospect. In case you already have an e-mailing dispatching software all you have to do is integrate it to your platform.


Enter in the box below the address of your internet site (example: Then Click on Prospect! View Demo !


Presentateur video pour site


Presentateur video pour site

The advantages of your virtual seller:

It will humanize your prospecting by internet:

The virtual seller will humanize the relationship with the client on your own site and thus will transmit a real dynamism of your project. Your prospect will have the feeling of being welcomed and guided by a presenter, like if he was in front of his tv!

An exceptional selling power:

He is able to visit hundreds of prospects per day, and deliver to them a message directly in video. You can with one click land your representative on several hundreds of internet sites at the same time!

You will get an excellent clickthrough rate:

On a suitable mailing lists, the click rate 1 ( link in the e-mail) is situated on average between 5 and 8%. The click rate 1 (on the virtual person) is generally between 4 and 5 %. Furthermore, it is En outre, it is almost 3 times more than a traditional e-mailing.

It will impress your prospect:

Imagine your client, who opens his mailbox, clicks on a html link and sees your virtual seller magically appearing on his web site, presenting the products and services of your company?
But this is not everything, no functionalities have been forgotten! You will receive in your a second video allowing you to be present on the social media sich as: Facebook, Daily motion,

Presentateur video pour site,Agence video,Dewinter Production

second mp4 video will be delivered to you as well.It is similar to your first video but will contain a background image. (picture provided by you). Like that, you will increase your traffic on internet and your natural referencing.

Would you have ever imagined you would prospect in this way?
the good news today, is that you have the opportunity to make a decisive choice for your future online using the extraordinary potential of the virtual seller!
Download for free a test video of the virtual seller.

The video catches the attention, word of mouth makes the rest. On internal communications, we had up to 300% clicks (every person has transmitted to 3 other persons on average)

How to send your e-mails?

If you do not have e-mailing software, you can send your virtual seller’s video manually from your data base and your classic messaging software ( Or use our services, our platforms )
You can massively send your virtual seller via our e-mailing platform.

Order process:

  1. Validation of your order from us (see below)
  2. Sending of a technical sheet for validation of the information linked to your video
  3. Checking and validation of the script by our technicians
  4. Realization and shooting of the video clip
  5. Delivery of your video via e-mail
Do you want to put your company on "automatic prospection" and follow the steps of the greatest web-entrepreneurs?
Do you want to give an ultra-professional image of your company and begin to build a brand on Internet?  We encourage you to pass to the action from today and take advantage of this